What you REALLY NEED to have your baby – minus the baby shower

So after being screwed over on the baby shower and for lack of better wording too BROKE to throw my own….

With the cost of a rental location, food, decorations, games and invitations etc., equally out to close to $800 – a decision had to be made.  Should I bank on spending that money to see if people really buy me what I have on my baby registry or should I just say screw it all and buy the baby things myself.

I personally opted for the NO SHOWER and scramble….

It comes to be that if you don’t have a baby shower – you have to scramble last minute to get all those wonderful little things that you think you need.  However, the list of items you do REALLY need are much less than you actually thought.

1.       A bassinet with full bedding – if you are going that direction. (seeing that many mommies now sleep with their babies for ease of breastfeeding- there are options if this is not affordable)

2.       Diapers – whether you do cloth or disposable – you need them either way – your baby will NOT hold it while you get something to slap on his butt.

3.       Wipes – you need something to get all of that lovely poop off your wee one.

4.       Blankets – regardless of anything you need blankets.

5.       Bottles – once again regardless of anything – if you are not a stay at home mommy and are not breastfeeding you NEED bottles.

6.       Baby Bath Items – it may seem ridiculous but babies spit up A LOT for random reasons thus resulting in stinky baby syndrome.  You will want to at the very least washcloths, soap and a towel.  Sponge baths are the only option until the umbilical cord stump falls off anyway.

7.       Clothes – you need at least 14 outfits – 2 per day.  You never know when a blow out could happen and will result in either loads of pee or poop getting all over wee ones clothes he is wearing.

8.       Hats – those little hats you see newborns in all the time – just a few is fine but while you are waiting for wee one’s head to become a normal shape if you went natural – this will alleviate much of your anxiety and you will not freak out as much over the shape day to day.

9.       No scratch mittens – you cant imagine how many times you will barely turn your head to look back at your wee one to see that it looks like he just finished a fight with a cat.
10.   A bouncer or swing if you have the extra money – these will help you stay calm when the wee one has a little crying jag.

11.   Something to bring your baby home in.  You need a car seat if you are in an area where driving is the only option.  The hospital won’t even let you leave without one.

I know that when you look at those adorable little things it will only remind you of how broke you are or how no one is throwing you a shower.  But really if you think about it – you are winning more.  You will have the option of getting what you really like and not having to smile and pretend to like the awful baby clothes your Aunt Mildred gave you.