The New Adventure

About three months ago my husband and I had a strange conversation.  He reminded me that I have no family.  It was hard to talk about considering I have, 3 half brothers, 18 Aunts and Uncles and close to 75 cousins whom I have contact with only 1 cousin and none of my other relatives.  The day my father died it seemed like they all disowned me.  This obviously was not the way I thought my own family would treat me.

So when my husband started asking me how this all made me feel I had no idea what to say since I didn’t really think about it until that day.  Sure it was painful that my own blood relatives would just turn their backs on me but who am I to confront them and force a relationship with selfish people who could care less for me.

So it was on that day that we decided to have our own family.  We started to form a plan for us to have a baby.  I hope that this plan will be easy and may give people out there hope.