About Me

Here I am….


I know, I know – another blogger with a self-inflated ego that thinks someone “cares” what she thinks.  I understand your chagrin, really I do.  Not to worry though.  I don’t really care about forcing my knowledge or ideas on you.  If you are interested you will read, subscribe, support and follow me or if you aren’t you will simply close the blog and not come back.


But you see, the thing is that there are lots of people out there like me.  I know this as fact because the rising number of celiacs tells me so.  The rising number of natural moms and dads out there tells me so.  The rising number of vaccine free and delayed schedule children tells me so.  I’m not trying to change the world.  I just wish that when my journey started in 2009 that someone had been on the internet to shed some light onto my perplexing new issues.


I’m not your average person, I don’t get to be like everyone else.  I am like thousands of others out there – SURE – but I have things that I want tell ya that I’m sure you are going through so that you don’t feel as alone and lost as I did when my journey was just starting.


A quick rundown on what I’m talking about – I’m a newly diagnosed celiac, following a semi paleo approach to life now, who cares for a gluten intolerant husband and toddler who suffer from either stomach complications or skin eruptions that remind me of leprosy at times with the horrible rash and scales of skin falling off.  We had no guidance or friends to help us start this journey.  We want to be that guidance for others like us by sharing our stories, adventures, recipes, pitfalls and regrets with you.


So welcome to our site and enjoy!


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Thanks for reading 🙂