A New Start at a New Job – A New Everything

I used to think that the answer to everything was a new start.  It turns out that this outlook is very outdated. 

A new start usually means that you can either screw things up the same old way or screw up in a new way.

Im at a brand new job right now.  Im waiting for my first patient of the day to get their initial massage with me.  Its a good environment for me since I have only worked in crappy spas and a casino massage company.

The people are nice and they do work their asses off to book me for the entire time I am available – at least they know not to screw me.  I still need to look into many other options though.  More than one job is preferred.

I set my room up this morning and it is well worth the effort.  If I can keep my head out of my ass it will be fine. 

When I went to massage school I had determined that I wanted to work in a chiropractor’s office anyways since the environment is one of true healing and medicinal purpose.  No rub and tug comments to tolerate.

Now here I am in a prime opportunity – I work when I want to – set my schedule according to my school classes.  How could I possibly go wrong?

I just have to keep my fingers crossed that they can book enough appointments for me to get $400 – $600 a week between massage commissions and tips.  The tips are solely my responsibility.

Today – my first day – my first client is late.  He is a dentist and needs the help obviously.  And I had a cancellation unfortunately.  But the chances are that I will pick back up in the next week.  They announced my arrival as their therapist and I am happy for that.  I still think I may have to put myself out there for a spa job on the weekends but I want this to work. 

Especially considering I spent money on CEUs and scrubs and music and stuff to make this all work.

I think I have a big gap in my day after this first massage if he ever shows.  He called so who knows.  Sooooo I will call the bartender guy that asked me to come by for an interview and see if I can get something out of that.