A New Plan

So since I have been at UNLV – many things have told me in the back of my mind that this was NOT the school I wanted my BA from. But since the circumstances were not directing me back to the East Coast – I tried to be patient and attend some classes here.

However, due to budget cuts, staff freezes, departmental shifts and all around screwing of the instructors, we the students have been the ones to suffer.

I have attended college on the East Coast. I remember the attitudes of the instructors quite well. They thought about the end result at all times. They pushed you and talked to you when you screwed up. Not at UNLV. At UNLV you get emails 10 minutes before a make up test is going to be given in an instructor’s office, with a note saying that this is your only chance to take it – even though you had written to them stating that you had a class at that exact time that you could not miss.

You get told that your attendance means more than the test grades and papers you hand in. WTF???? How could my WORK for the class mean jack shit all because I didn’t care to attend a class that has no relevance to my major and in addition was so boring that I feel bad for not listening but SLEEPING through the class!!

We at UNLV will be given Ds and Fs for not attending classes like this. We will be thrown out of school for these issues. It amazes me that this school still treats the students like children. Last I checked I entered college as an adult – of my own free will – and if I choose not to attend a class for whatever reason – I should not be penalized for my failure to attend. It’s my god damn money and if I say screw it – I’M TIRED and NEED TO SLEEP – then it is my choice to sleep rather than attend a class.

But UNLV is like that annoying overbearing mother or father that receives your report card in the mail and sees that you are a solid B-C student and bitches you out for not being perfect.

It is sad to me that this school has so many flaws. It is sad to me that I was penalized for not attending a class being taught by an instructor that literally sucked!!!!!! It is sad to me that you can see the discontent of the instructors faces when you sit in their classes. It is appalling to me to see that the instructors are blatantly NOT interested in helping the students but are rather interested in what they are getting out of the situation – which is their paycheck.

So – even though my plan was to complete my BA in Vegas – I couldn’t help but get completely disgusted in the school and decide to complete my BA at a reputable school with integrity.

So either Seton Hall or Rutgers University – Here I Come!!! A BA from either school would make me hold my head high and smile – regardless of the useless nature of a Philosophy degree. At least Seton Hall and Rutgers both have fabulous law schools.