10 Worst Fashion Mistakes You Can Make

[ad#336×280]The Top 10 Worst Fashion Mistakes You Can Make that I see every day!!!!!

As I walk the casinos doing my job I find myself wondering why I am the only one looking at people and wondering how they became this fashion challenged.  I may be no Stacy London or Clinton Kelly but I have a clue even if I am too broke to buy the things that would look the best.  I work within my price range and still get mistaken for dressing better than those who fork over thousands for some of the listed items I have pictured below.  Enjoy this list…



What the hell were these people thinking?  These are by far the ugliest thing you could possibly wear on your feet!  I don’t care if they are “comfortable”!!

That is such a line of crap and you all know it.  That is a comment from someone who is simply too lazy to try to dress themselves with any form of self respect.

And please explain to me why you not only wear these hideous shoes but you also go to the next level of crap by wearing black socks with them.  WHY?  Please people explain to me why you do this?


2.  Sandals with Socks

Are you purposely doing these things to annoy the shit out of me?  Or do you think that this is okay?  It isn’t!!  If I don’t allow my own husband outside the house with socks on with his dress sandals why would you even consider leaving the privacy of your own home or room.

Even if you are really set on wearing sandals be nice enough to remember that others have to look at you!!!

3.  T Shirts with some stupid logo (See photo for prime example)

I know that you think that this shirt is somehow clever.  It’s not!!  It’s degrading and makes you look like a complete douche bag.  Which by the way you can officially call yourself for wearing this shirt in the first place.  In this example – it is completely unnecessary for anyone to be forced to remember that there are people in the world that think of woman who are single moms as being such substandard social trash.  Although I do believe that there are some strippers who do it because they love it – there are others who have no choice because of their life choices before they were old enough to know better and a shirt like this objectifies this fact.

4.  Filthy Feet – whether in or out of sandals.

I constantly watch people think that it is socially acceptable to wander around in their bare feet in the casino.  They will walk for hours with their shoes in their hands then decide to throw their sandals on and wander around with their filthy dirty feet showing every other step.  Last time I checked I believe that people prefer to be around others that have good hygiene not those of humanity that decide that dirt and filth is an attractive quality to project.
5.  Tight Short Dresses on Very Heavy Ladies
Please ladies have some self respect.  It is not acceptable for those of us who are not heavy set to dress in dresses that are this tight and short – therefore, it is just as unacceptable for you to wear it.  I bring this onto this list because of the fact that this is the land of bad taste.  I see more heavy women wandering around in dress this tight and short every single hour of my work day.
6.  Skinny Jeans on Heavy Girls
Ladies I feel as though I must beg you at this point not to do this anymore.  Not only do you make people think you are grossly overweight but you are also going to morph the way your body fat is dispersed on your body.  You will have permanent markings in the fat you are cutting into.  Therefore you just simply do not wear these things once you exceed the age of curves.
7.  Animal hats
Please remember that hats like these are adorable – when you are 5 – they are not cute once you are 25.  It is no longer adorable to throw on some Mickey Mouse ears and dance around in public once you are 30.
8.  Sagging your jeans so we can see your boxers
Guys!!!!  This look sucks!!!!!  Many of you are wandering around like this and doing a great travesty to yourselves.  Many of you have borderline attractive butts and instead of allowing thegender of your choice to take notice – you think that having us look at your dirty ass boxers and your belt around your thighs with that hideous waddle walk is a much better choice.  Really?  If I decided to whoop your ass and chase you with a taser you wouldn’t be able to out run me – your freakin belt would keep you from moving.
9.  The Ultra Low Rise Jeans
Unless you are in the 19-21 range you have no business wearing these pants.  If anyone would call you a cougar you are too old to wear these – no matter how fit you are.
10.  Ed Hardy Trucker Hats
This is one of the ugliest trends from the past 5 years that for some damn reason just won’t die here in Vegas.  Just because it has glitter crap on it does not mean that the hat is fashionable and classy.  It looks like glittered up white trash.  So remember the old addage “you can take the trash out but remember its still trash”
And a Bonus Entry here

Going Commando

 [ad#200×200]I don’t know if I can honestly say that going commando is ever acceptable.  But if you are a drunk, lush or party animal – this is definitely NOT A GOOD IDEA – I do not want to see your genitals when you pass out at a slot machine drunk.  This has happened one too many times to me and I am wondering if my eyes have been permanently damaged as a result.